Different Ways of Powering The Country Living Grain Mill

Published: 08th December 2009
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While the benefits of owning a electric kitchen mill have been demonstrated, there are many reasons why someone would be interested in using a hand driven or human powered grain mill. Any kind of emergency power outages, natural disaster or civil unrest will mean that your grain mill will need to be run manually. With a plethora of choices available in the hand driven grain mill world, one stands alone due to its ability to grind a very fine flour and more importantly, it's ease of motorization.
Clearly hand operation is needed for emergency use of the kitchen mill, but providing a different means of powering it for every day use is a big deal . It is true that The Country Living Grain Mill company offers a motorization kit that can be directly attached to the unit, but it is costly. As an example of it's exceptional design, the Country Living Grain Mill has been manufactured with motorization in mind. Please take note that placing a motor on your unit will void the warrenty provided by Country Living. Basic observance of the proper grinding speeds and procedures will ensure the proper functioning of your Country Living Grain Mill.
The needed speeds can be acheived by the correct use of speed reducing pulleys. There are many sources of approprate motors from household appliancs, or a 1750RPM motor can also be purchased. If a slower motor can be procured (around 1150RPM) it is possible to direct attach this motor to the flywheel of the Country Living Grain Mill. Experts do believe that this speed is still to fast and present the possibility of excessivly heating the grinding wheels. This means that do motorize your mill correclty will almost require the use of reduction pulleys to slow the mill to safe speeds. The burrs should be turning at a rate of speed no faster than 120RPM. Country Living reccomends no speeds faster than 60.
Following in the footsteps of those before us shows us that both a vertical and horizontal pulley setup will work for these purposes. Your specific layout and space availability will help you determine the best way to configure your Country Living Grain Mill.
It's possible that the motorization process you select won't invovle a motor at all - it is entirely possible to attach the Country Living Grain Mill to an old exercise bike which has been outfited wtih a drive belt pulley. The technique is the same as with a motor; attach a drive pulley to the bike and connect the two with a belt. A much greater quantity of wheat can be ground by leg power in a much shorter time. More than just daily use, this system can be of tremendous help in third world or disaster situations where there is no electricity available.
With hundreds of motorized units across the country, there are an increasingly large number of ways to motorize your Country Living Grain Mill. All of the benefits of an electric mill combined with the critical aspects of a hand powered mill are present in the homemade motorized Country Living Grain Mill.

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